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  • FAQ TH Privacy Notice
    • What is TH Privacy Notice?
      TH Privacy Notice is a notice issued to individuals who performed commercial transactions with TH. It outlines the use and protection of individual personal data information which are process by TH as “User Data” in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010
    • What is Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”)?

      PDPA is an act enacted by the Malaysia Government and was established on 15 November 2013 to protect individual personal data and sensitive personal data in commercial transaction. PDPA has seven principles of information management practices that must be adhered, namely: -

      1. General Principle;
      2. Notice and Choice;
      3. Principle of Disclosure;
      4. Principle of Security;
      5. Principle of Storage;
      6. Principle of Data Integrity; and
      7. Principle of Access
    • Who needs to comply with PDPA?
      All individuals and organizations that process your personal data must comply with the rules set by the PDPA, except for the Federal and State Government.
    • What is Personal Data?

      Personal data are information you provided to subscribe to TH’s products and services so that we can provide you with an efficient and effective services. Your personal data are as follows: -

      1. Your identity (including name, date of birth, identification number);
      2. Your contact details (including address, telephone number and email address); and
      3. Other information (including job and your employer’s name).
    • What is Sensitive Personal Data?

      Your sensitive personal data are as follows: -

      1. Health, physical or mental condition;
      2. Political opinion;
      3. Religious beliefs and other beliefs; and
      4. Behaviour or any offences.
    • Who is the Data User?
      TH is the Data User that collects your personal data information. Data User is an individual or organization that:
      1. Process your personal data, or
      2. Has control over the personal data processing; or
      3. Authorizes personal data processing.
    • What is “commercial transaction”?
      TH commercial transactions, irrespective of whether it is of contractual in nature, including any matters pertaining to products and services offered by TH. It also includes gathering of individual personal data that has the potential to conduct transactions with TH.
    • How TH protects my personal data?
      TH is taking comprehensive measures to ensure your personal data security and confidentiality is protected via physical security, technical and IT process requirement.
    • What is Personal Data “processing”?

      PDPA defines “processing” as the collection, recording, handling, storing, organizing, modifying, disclosing and destroying of personal data information. By only reading or accessing information is already considered as “processing”. Example of activities that is considered as “processing” include:

      1. Collection of data using forms, via phone or the website;
      2. Data publication;
      3. Selling of data;
      4. Using data for administrative purposes;
      5. Using data for marketing purposes;
      6. Recording of data;
      7. Disclosing of data to other organizations; or
      8. Destroying of data.
    • What are my rights as a depositor / Individual / Data Subject under the PDPA?

      Your rights are as follows:

      1. The right to be informed whether your personal data is processed by TH;
      2. The right to access personal data;
      3. The right to rectify personal data;
      4. The right to withdraw consent for processing personal data;
      5. The right to prevent the processing of personal data that is likely to cause damage or distress; and
      6. The right to prevent from processing personal data for direct marketing purposes.
    • Can I request to access my personal data?
      Yes, TH will allow you to access your existing personal data in TH storage system.
    • Can TH deny my request to access my personal data?
      TH can only deny your request to access your personal data when there is insufficient information to confirm your identity.
    • Can someone else make a request to access my personal data?

      There are several conditions that allow others to access your personal data, namely:

      • If you are below the age of 18 years, only legitimate account custodian is allowed
      • Other entities within TH such as its subsidiaries, and its associates
      • Agents and our service provider with whom we have contractual agreements for some of our functions, services and activities.
      • Our strategic partner and advisor / consultant.
      • Enforcement agencies, regulatory and government, as permitted or required by law, allowed by any court or to fulfil obligations to regulatory authorities.
      • Party authorized by you.
    • What TH can do with my consent?
      With your consent, TH will process your personal data for the purpose of providing products and services that you have subscribed including the management and maintenance of your account, respond to your questions, and also for the purpose of evaluation, marketing, delivery of marketing materials / information to you through various channels (for example e-mail, letter and phone call, etc.)
    • What happens if I do not give my consent?
      Failure to provide your personal data or withdraw your consent to allow TH to process your personal data, it may cause TH unable to provide the products and services which are related to you in an effectively and continuously manner. If you do not give consent to TH for marketing purposes, TH will stop sending you the marketing material for your products and services. However, TH may still use your personal data for purpose of providing the products or services that you have signed up for or fulfilling any other contractual obligations, and for legal or regulatory purposes.
    • When can I withdraw my consent for personal data processing?
      You can withdraw your consent from processing your personal data at any time by contacting any of the TH branches; Customer Service (Tabung Haji Contact Centre) at 03-6207 1919 or visit
    • Will it take effect immediately if I withdraw my consent to receive marketing or promotion materials / information?
      TH may take fourteen (14) working days before the consent withdrawal appears in the system. The notification of withdrawal must go through the verification process across TH groups. Therefore, you may still receive the marketing or promotion material / information during that stipulated period.
    • What security measures are taken to ensure that my personal data is secured should THs give to a third party?
      If TH provides my personal data to a permitted third party, TH will ensure that they have a similar obligation to protect your personal data given to them accordingly
    • How long TH can keep my personal data?
      TH will only retain your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected or to comply with legal requirements and regulations as well as TH internal requirements.
    • Does PDPA protect my Personal Data that is transferred to a party outside Malaysia?
      Yes, if your personal data is processed in Malaysia, and it is transferred to a party outside Malaysia, it will be covered under PDPA. However, PDPA will not protect personal data processed outside Malaysia.
  • FAQ TH Financial Practices
  • FAQ Tabung Haji Foundation
    • When was YTH established?
      YTH was incorporated on 17th May 2016 under the Company’s Act 1965 by the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) as a Company Limited by Guarantee or Syarikat Berhad Menurut Jaminan and not having a share capital.
    • What are objectives for establishing YTH?
      The objectives of YTH :

      a) To carry-out CSR activities, inter-alia, humanitarian aid and contribution following the event of mishaps or natural catastrophes. b) To administer and manage effectively and systematically the fund allocated by TH and its subsidiaries for the purpose of scholarships awarded to children and legal wards of its employees and retirees. c) To promote and undertake research in Islamic scholarship, Islamic banking, Medical and other branches of Syariah Law that will accord direct benefits to the Malaysian and the global community.
    • How does the idea to form YTH come about?
      The sense of responsibility to assume active role in the development and well-being of Malaysians specifically the Muslim by way of CSR initiated the establishment of YTH. It is in-line with the government aspirations as envisioned by the Prime Minister whereby the corporate sector could undertake greater role in CSR activities.
      YTH shall be administered separately by its Board of Trustees in ensuring that the CSR activities are carried out accordingly and effectively.
    • What is the CSR’s theme of YTH?
      The theme for CSR of YTH is “Charity Begins At Home”.
    • What are sources of funds?
      The source of fund in the 1st phase will be mainly the contribution from TH itself amounting to RM5 Million a year for Scholarships and education related activities.
      Whereas, the in the 2nd phase, invitation shall be extended to YTH’s corporate counterparts that simultaneously intent to contribute funds for CSR activities after obtaining approval from LHDN for tax exemption status and from Minister in KPDNKK.
    • Who are the members of the Board of Trustees?
      The members of the Board of Trustees consist of Datuk Seri Panglima Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim and Tan Sri Ismee Ismail.
    • Does YTH offer educational loan?
      No. YTH does not provide educational loan. Only Scholarships are awarded to those who are qualified and other education contributions.
    • Who shall be benefited from the CSR of YTH?
      YTH shall give assistance to the individuals or families that encounter misfortune or disaster. YTH would also help those who are categorized as asnaf to relieve their life burden and responsibilities.
    • What does the pencil tip and shoot in YTH’s logo signify?
      The concept of pencil tip and shoots (leaf) signify YTH’s activities that focussing on the development of education towards excellence as they are the future leaders and mukmin professional.
      The shoot (leaf) also symbolizes the shelter or protection given by YTH to those who are in need of assistance and contribution.
    • Where does YTH operate?
      YTH shall be operating at Lembaga Tabung Haji, Jalan Tun Razak as follows :-

      Person-in-charge : En Ekma Faroza Bin Kamarudin
      Phone number : 03-2054 2000 (ext 3384)
      Email :

      Address :
      Lantai 27, Menara Tabung Haji
      201, Jalan Tun Razak
      50400 Kuala Lumpur
  • FAQ Annual Hibah and Hajj Hibah
    • How much is TH 2016 Depositors Hibah?
      Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) has announced an annual hibah of 4.25% and hajj hibah of 1.50% to eligible depositors for its financial year of 2016.
    • What is Annual Hibah?
      Annual Hibah is a gift announced by TH, based on Wadiah Yad Dhamanah concept, which depends on TH‘s’ financial capacity during the current year.
    • What is Hajj Hibah?
      Hajj Hibah is a special gift given out to TH depositors who have not performed hajj yet and limited to current hajj payment (RM9,980).
    • Who is eligible to receive the Annual Hibah?
      All depositors that holds an active savings account with TH up to 31 December 2016 is eligible to receive the annual 2016 hibah at the announced rate. In any case it the depositor closes his account within the current year and before the annual bonus was announced, the bonus rate will be based on ‘ex-gratia’ based on Islamic Banking fixed savings rate for 6 months’ period. No adjustments will be made from that point onwards.
    • How is the TH 2016 Annual Hibah calculated?
      TH 2016 Annual Hibah is calculated by taking an average minimum monthly balance for 12 months, multiplied by the stipulated rate

      Calculation: Average minimum monthly balance x 4.25% (January-December 2016/12 Months) x 4.25%
    • Who is eligible to receive the Hajj Hibah?
      All depositors who holds an active savings account with TH up to 31 December 2016 and never performed their hajj yet.
    • How is the Hajj Hibah calculated?
      Hajj Hibah is calculated by taking an average minimum monthly balance for 12 months, multiplied by the stipulated rate
      However, maximum eligibility rate is based on average minimum monthly balance of RM9,980 (limited to current hajj payment).

      Calculation: Average minimum monthly balance x 1.50% (January-December 2016/12 Months) x 1.50%

      Example :

       Annual Average Minimum Balance
      Bil Less than RM9,980 More than RM 9,980
      Average Minimum Balance Amount Eligible for Hajj Hibah Average Minimum Balance/span> Amount Eligible for Hajj Hibah
      1 RM9,979.99 RM9,979.99 RM100,000.00 RM9,980.00
      2 RM4,500.00 RM4,500.00 RM25,300.80 RM9,980.00
      3 RM2,000.55 RM2,000.55 RM10,510.54 RM9,980.00
      4 RM730.00 RM730.00 RM9,980.01 RM9,980.00
      Maximum eligibility rate is RM9,980.00 only = RM9,980.00 x 1.50%
    • How is the annual hibah and hajj hibah payment made?
      Both hibah are credited into depositors’ accounts.
    • When can the depositors check on the Depositors Hibah?
      Depositors can check on TH the Depositors Bonus from Monday, 6 February 2016.
    • Are depositors who have EPF investment account in TH leligible for Hajj Bonus?
      No, Hajj Hibah is only given out to depositors who hold a savings account with TH and have yet to perform Hajj.